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30Re: Period vs. modern

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  • James W. Pratt Jr.
    Jul 30, 1999
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      Where are you, so we can get you with a bowyer to get you started.

      James Cunningham

      But with just the book this wood will sit and continue to
      >dry until I can find someone that can work with me. End result I want to
      >shoot period and I can't. So for now I will shoot my 62" 55# recurve and
      >Ian Griffen
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      >From: Don Goen <archer3@...>
      >To: <SCA-Archery@onelist.com>
      >Sent: Friday, July 30, 1999 9:03 PM
      >Subject: [SCA-Archery] Period vs. modern
      >> From: archer3@... (Don Goen)
      >> I agree with Kaz. Many seem to think that he is saying if you don't
      >> shoot period, you should be. I didn't see that at all. You can't force
      >> someone to become period in their equipment and style. That comes from
      >> desire. Offering unsolicited education? A way of "testing the waters".
      >> Those that are interested, will be. Once the % was dropped, one archer I
      >> knew was constantly saying, "If I had been shooting open, my score would
      >> have been this". Wrong frame of mind. I don't see myself as being in
      >> "competition" with open div. archers. We live in a modern world, modern
      >> bows will always be there, and in the majority. Far as Corpora goes, one
      >> should look at the "intent", as opposed to the "letter". To promote
      >> period archery, _not_ exclude those who have modern equipment.
      >> Seperate recognition of those that shoot period has been a topic of
      >> some discussion among those I shoot with. I agree that there should be
      >> seperate recognition for period. One day it will happen. It is a
      >> refinement that applys to Archery, that does not apply to heavys. One
      >> thing to keep in mind. Archery can be recreated in the SCA to 100%
      >> authenticity.
      >> Period police: If someone says you aren't period enough, they should
      >> be giving you period equipment they made. Not criticizing what one can
      >> afford, acquire, or desires to shoot.
      >> Damian >>~~~>
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