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  • John Edgerton
    Dec 20, 2011
      One of the most likely ways it would have been scored in period would have been one point for hitting the black circle.  The outer white area would not count as any points nor would the inner white count for extra points.  Sometimes the archer hitting the closest to the center would get one point and the other archers would get no points for that end. It is possible that the inner white, which could represent the peg  or pin that held the target face to its backstop could count for more points.  There is at least one example of a drawing of a late 16th century target face with multiple rings that could have been used for different scoring values.

      For more information see: "European Medieval and Renaissance Archery Contests and Targets"   at:www.zateev.net/ontarget/download/Sir%20Jon%20article.pdf


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      I only have one of these targets on paper and from that one we made a couple on fabric. The one in the Pic is one of the fabric ones.

      I wanted to find out how it might have been scored in period.


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