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29247On a similar note, (Was: Serving tool research question)

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  • Sam Wise
    Oct 2, 2011
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      Good questions! I've been having a good read following the responses.
      I too have a couple questions about strings and servings.
      1) when/where did serving a bowstring begin?
      2) what are the most commonly served strings?
      3) does anyone know of a technique for making a string other than
      Flemish Twist or the more modern continuous loop?

      On 10/1/11 8:32 PM, dirkfrisia wrote:
      > I have been asked to find an answer to the following questions:
      > Was an equivalent device to the modern bowstring server used in the middle ages and/or Renaissance?
      > Is there some documentation of the device if one was used?
      > I gave an honest reply to this - I do not know.
      > Before I dive into the research has anyone done research on this before? Anyone hand wound bow string serving in a period style?
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