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29164Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: cresting

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  • richard johnson
    Sep 8, 2011
      I understand the need for cresting, which is why I built a cresting jig and created my own crest based on my arms (black band with white spots with a centers white band with a centered red stripe).
      But as for historic documentation for cresting????  I have no idea.
      What we would do is to argue.  Since few of us had uniform arrows, we'd try to choose arrows that matched fletching or shaft color or such so when we argued, I would say "All my arrows have a red nock-feather and white feathers" or some such description.
      No one bothered to marktheir arrows though once I tried to paint a black oval on my shafts before the fletching..
      I suppose that is how fletching came to be.
      But i leave it to the experts on this list to tell us if and how and when.

      Rick Johnson
      "Those who give up a little freedom in return for a little imagined security will soon find that they have neither."
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