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28799Re: [SCA-Archery] Moving targets

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  • Edward deWitt
    Apr 17, 2011
      Oh Ye Archers,
       And to add to THL Christophe's wonderful shoot at SAAD5, there will be a TEAM Challenge set forth by me the Baronial Archery Marshal of Sacred Stone.  Round up 4 teammates to shoot together.  A few of your scores from Christophe's targets will be used, along with a few separate targets, just for team scoring, will make up the challenge.  Mixed bows welcome, but only one crossbow and one crossbowman allowed per team.  Cog even agreed that one  of them is EVIL!               YA'LL COME!
      Ld.Eduard deWitte
      Order of the Yeoman of the Sacred Stone
      Member House Askoldsson

      I'm obligated to say this - Of course if you had attended all the SAADs since SAAD1 you would have had an opportunity to shoot at all of these targets and more. SAAD5 starts April 29 through May 1, Elkin, North Carolina. Still time to plan.

      MIC for SAAD5 (that was obvious, wasn't it?)

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