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28792Re: [SCA-Archery] Moving targets

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  • Cleve Johnson
    Apr 17, 2011
      Any pictures of thes moving targets?
      Cleve Johnson
      "Archers make people quiver"

      From: The Greys <cogworks@...>
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      Sent: Sun, April 17, 2011 5:24:21 PM
      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Moving targets


      Here's a few ideas we have used for moving targets.

      Double pendulum. You could use Randal's suggestion on building it but build two on the same axle. Start the pendulums on opposite sides from each other. When you release them they swing opposite each other crossing in the middle. The real beauty here is they will not swing at the same rate. Thus you have equally crossing, fading to swinging in unison, back to crossing. Lots of fun.

      We had a windmill that the archers loved. Envision four arms sticking out from the center they rotate around, like an X rotating about its center. On the end of each arm was a 12 inch square target face. This was human powered by pulling a rope that was wound around the axle.

      Here's a simple one. Build L's out of 2 X 4 material using angle brackets. These Ls are then mounted to a 2 X 4 running parallel with the shooting line using hinges. Put a target face on each end of the L such that when first viewed one target is up and the other is laid out towards the archer face down. When the first target is hit, it falls back bringing the second target up for shooting. You can make the first target large and the second one smaller.

      Folks love this one. Build a cradle that will hold two targets next to each other with about 2 feet between them. Suspend this cradle with ropes tied to two uprights at the ends of the cradle so that the cradle can swing freely back and forth. In front of the cradle swing you place a "castle wall" with crenelations that does not move. Tie a rope to one end of the cradle that goes through pulleys and leads back to the shooting line. A marshal pulls the rope which rocks the cradle back and forth making the targets swing back and forth appearing and disappearing in the crenelations. This works as a timed shoot and is great fun if you can get the sound track of the French on the castle wall from Monty Python!

      We called it coon up a pole. Build a vertical pole out of 2 X 4's about 16 feet tall. To this you attach your target which is on a rope leading to a pulley at the top of the pole then back to the ground and back to the shooting line. The marshal pulls the rope which moves the target up the pole to the top. Of course the marshal can make it more "interesting" by raising the target at an inconsistent rate.

      Probably the simplest moving target is to mount your target on something you can drag, wheels or not depending on the ground you are working with. There is a rope attached to this sled. The target starts about 50 - 70 yards out and is pulled towards the archers. At about 10 - 15 yards shooting stops. This shot is actually more difficult than it sounds particularly if you are an archer near the end of the shooting line. Not only is the target's range changing but so is it's angle to you!

      I'm obligated to say this - Of course if you had attended all the SAADs since SAAD1 you would have had an opportunity to shoot at all of these targets and more. SAAD5 starts April 29 through May 1, Elkin, North Carolina. Still time to plan.

      MIC for SAAD5 (that was obvious, wasn't it?)

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