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28791Re: [SCA-Archery] Moving targets

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  • Carolus
    Apr 17 2:39 PM
      At one of our wars someone tried something similar. A target in front
      of which was a moving obstacle not to be hit and a castle wall in front
      of this. Problem was the obstacle was closer to the target than the
      length of an arrow stuck in the target and also closer to the castle
      wall than an arrow which hit and stuck in the obstacle. Needless to
      say, a few busted arrows before the system got rebuilt. Always allow
      plenty of arrow clearance between layers of multi-layer targets like
      this. Great fun when they work.

      The Greys wrote:
      > snip
      > Folks love this one. Build a cradle that will hold two targets next to each other with about 2 feet between them. Suspend this cradle with ropes tied to two uprights at the ends of the cradle so that the cradle can swing freely back and forth. In front of the cradle swing you place a "castle wall" with crenelations that does not move. Tie a rope to one end of the cradle that goes through pulleys and leads back to the shooting line. A marshal pulls the rope which rocks the cradle back and forth making the targets swing back and forth appearing and disappearing in the crenelations. This works as a timed shoot and is great fun if you can get the sound track of the French on the castle wall from Monty Python!
      > snip

      > cog
      > MIC for SAAD5 (that was obvious, wasn't it?)
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