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2869Re: [SCA-Archery] Feather Burner

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  • Mike O'Toole
    Jul 1, 2000
      I found that after burning 3-4 dozen worth of feathers on arrow shafts
      the smell isn't that objectionable. Then again some of the things I
      have had the misfortune of smelling were MUCH worse than the acrid odour
      of burning feathers/hair.

      Any time I find the stress building up I break out the anvil and 60
      ounce baby sledge, and go to town on some steel. If it's been a bad day
      I find something to do with stainless steel. :-)

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      > But Michael, burning feathers have a very bad odor. And think of all
      > aggression you can work out cutting three dozen fletches. Where's my
      > Ailinn Shadowfox
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