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28089Re: Historical quiver construction

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  • The Greys
    Dec 6, 2010
      Folks I am NOT a nit picker however a few comments about these two pictures which I have seen before. First off our view point is from the archer's back as evidenced by the bow arm crossing in front of the bow and either the archer has had his right arm hacked off at the elbow, thus he is a one armed archer(?), or it is in the draw position. Thus his quiver is either on his bow arm side or on his back. I doubt it would be on his back due to the physical mechanics of how a person sits a horse. In either case it would seem nearly impossible to draw an arrow from the quiver. If on his bow arm side he would have to reach across his body to get an arrow. If mounted vertically at the center of his back it would seem extremely ackward and of no advantage in a battle. So my main point here then is that these are artist's renditions of battles they most likely were told about and the artists were not archers themselves and thus totally unfamiliar with how an archer would actually wear or use their gear. Thus, while these do serve as a bit of reference to how things were done in the past, I do not think we should be taking them so literaly. I view these as "suggestions" as to how things may have been.

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