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28082Re: [SCA-Archery] Historical quiver construction

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  • Joe LaTorre
    Dec 5, 2010
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      I designed my hip quiver based on an illustration in John Hewitt's Ancient Armour and Weapons.
      Hope the following link works for you:

      According to the text, the illustration is 13th century. You can't tell much about materials here - I used leather, though I think the crosshatching suggests basketwork. Also, I suspend at an angle with straps, rather than vertically as shown.

      Joseph de la Tour, West Kingdom

      On Dec 3, 2010, at 6:35 AM, warbow67 wrote:

      Since we have had a bit of a discussion of the authenticity of shoulder quivers VS belt quivers, I suppose now is the time to ask: What IS the proper design for a quiver?

      I am looking to construct a tube quiver for a waistbelt but what are the details?(I like the look of the ones on the Bayeux Tapestry, as also I do a Norman impression). I have always wondered about modern replicas and how accurate they are. Are they really made with all that rawhide lacing? My own leatherwork experience makes me think there was more traditional stitching involved than what is currently being represented. I have seen some Saxon ones made by that reverend in England on his blog, but what are the sources? And what is the proper way to attach it to the belt?

      A lot of questions I know, but after months of searching so far I cannot find the answers.

      Dave H

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