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  • jbl
    Oct 11, 2010
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      Another spot is Spitfire horsebows he has an eduacation section on there with pictures of the shot sequence and some videos. There is also a memebers only forum that you could join that is VERY helpful.

      ATARN has some great information about all aspects of Asian archery and has severallinks on how to build a thumb ring. There are also several good videos from ATARN on youtube that show how to use a thumb draw.

      I have built several rings using horn, a PVC pipe union and leather. The leather ring took about five minutes to make. I cut the leather to the size of my thumb, punched two holes on the bottom and took a leather boot lace and thread it through the holes tied it on to my thumb and bingo-thumb ring.

      To start off with the thumb draw I would recommend a 25-30# and work your way up to the weight you normally use. I have been shooting with the thumb draw exclusively over the last two years and I find that I am more accurate and faster then I was with a split finger release. There is a learning curve but I really didn't find it as hard as many make it out to be. Good luck and if you need anymore info just ask.


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      > There is this book http://www.3riversarchery.com/Books+DVD%27s+Educational+History+Kay%27s+Thumbring+Book_c42_s18_p268_i6343_product.html that discusses history, types and use of the thumb ring. Kaye's Thumb Ring book.
      > http://silverhorde.viahistoria.com/main.html?ThumbRing.html this site shows how to make a leather thumb ring but also has lots of links for sources.
      > cog
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      > > Greetings Afternoon All
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      > > I am trying to research the usage of Thumb Rings. The links I had have disapeared. Does anyone know of any links that would help with my reseach?
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      > > Iain Griffen
      > > Aten
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