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27837October Event in Carlisle, KY

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  • Turgiua
    Sep 1, 2010


      Dragonsmark is having a (probably small - given how far it is off the beaten path) event at Baron Madog's farm in Carlisle, KY the 22nd - 25th of October. Baron Madog moved to Carlisle from California awhile back and started a horse rescue farm.  We're hoping for an equestrian, coursing, and archery presence.  The autocrat may still be looking for an archery marshal.  Contact event staff through the e-mail addy at the event website.  There are special instructions for unscrambling the e-mail addys on that page.  The farm is a very primitive camping site.  Please spread the word.
      Sincerely, Turgiua Tredhard

      P.S. Midrealm TRH Ullr and AnneLyse are from Dragonsmark and hopefully may grace us with their presence.  They will be King and Queen by then.