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  • John edgerton
    Aug 11, 2010
      Thank you.  That would be most helpful. 

      On Aug 11, 2010, at 7:20 AM, captain sandusky wrote:


      The Osprey books on the Polish Husars and Polish Armies discuss the fact that both cavalry arms (Pancerni-"Light Cavalry" and Husaria "heavy cavalry") were nobles and one of their primary weapons was the composite bow. There are several sources written in Polish that discuss the use of the bow in warfare.   Like most if not all countries during this time period to be a considered a noble in the Commonwealth it was required that you take up arms when called.  The Nobles felt it was beneath their dignity to serve in the infantry. Another thing about Poland during this time is that they had a higher percentage of nobles (about 10%) then most countries. The bow was used by the Poles into the early 18th century.  In fact many of the Nobles brought them on campaign during the "Northern Wars" which made many of the Western Europeans laugh.  I also think that the bow for a noble in Poland was as much about a "fashion statement" as anything else as the bow was put into an ornate bow case with an arrow quiver on the other hip.
      I am also waiting on a book about the Hungarian wars against the Turks during this same time period.  When I get home I will find the pages in the Osprey books that would provide a good reference for you as well as the Polish resources I have.

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