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27603Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Greetings and string-length advice needed

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  • Carolus
    Jul 10, 2010
      I find my 37# bow will shoot nearly flat at 20 or 30yds. I only have to
      aim a bit high at 40. I do have to aim towards the top ring at 60yds.
      Much of this is due to release and follow through. using a misture of
      talcum powder and corn starch on your glove or tab will make the release
      smoother as will learning to let your fingers relax quickly to clear the
      string. Do not stop pulling when you reach your anchor but pull through
      the point. Stopping your draw at anchor will actually cause the bow to
      relax slightly losing poundage at release. With an anchor point at the
      chin or corner of the mouth, releasing there and pullling through, your
      hand should end up below your ear near your neck. Make sure your bow
      arm continues to point at the target and do not allow it to drop until
      you hear the arrow hit. This follow through is the most important part
      of getting a flat shot. It is one of the most important parts of
      shooting and is seldom taught. There are many other fine details to
      getting the best shot but this is enough to think about for now.

      Lord Alester MacClansy wrote:
      > I heartily concur that getting your form correct is very important. It's taken me 3 years for it to come naturally. Also remember if you lower your bow weight you may find you have to "arch" your arrows in to the target. Most of my friends shoot #45 or greater bows. While they have a flatter trajectory than my #35, I often have to remind myself to shoot in an arc. I think seeing them shoot rather flat I subconsiously shoot flat. When my arrow surfs under the target is when I go "DOH!". Best of luck to you in your shooting endeavors!
      > Klancey
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