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27598Re: [SCA-Archery] Greetings and string-length advice needed

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  • Carolus
    Jul 9, 2010
      It is a myth that lengthening a string will reduce the draw weight of a
      bow. It will only change the efficiency of the bow by changing the
      brace height. At any given point of flex, a bow will have the same
      force applied to the string. If a bowstring measures 56 inches, it will
      put a certain force on the bow at rest (brace height) and the force
      required to draw it to full draw will be a certain amount (in this case
      45# at 28*). Putting a longer string on it will reduce the force at
      rest but still require the same force at full draw. There will be a
      small difference in the performance of the arrow. That is why twisting
      or untwisting the string is good for tuning the bow to attain maximum
      performance with a particular set of arrows.

      A more important question would be, how long can you hold this bow at
      full draw? Find a local coach and work with him/her to do some form and
      strength building exercises or you will need a lighter bow until you
      build into this one.

      earthsong99 wrote:
      > Hello all!
      > New to this group and a beginner in target archery. I just got my first bow (a 45# 60" Bear recurve). I'm very excited to get started, but need to get off on the right foot. I can't pull back a 45# bow easily (can but it's shaky and I wouldn't last long) and so it was suggested to me to put a longer string on it. It was also suggested that I could "un-twist" the string a bit to get some more give on it and tighten it back as I get stronger.
      > So, my question is...if I get a longer string AND plan on untwisting/retwisting, then what length string should I get? 62", 64"?
      > If any more info is needed to help with this matter, please let me know - happy to give details!
      > Also, I'm in AEthelmearc, Dominion of Myrkfaelinn - are there any more local email groups or listservs I could join in on?
      > Thanks!
      > - Laura :)
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