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  • John edgerton
    Jun 1, 2010
      I see no real problem with continuing to use the FITA target for practices since it provides a consistent method of providing a simple numerical  system for keeping track of your shooting level and improvement from practice to practice and comparing scores to those of other archers in other kingdoms.  It is also convenient for dividing archers by rank into divisions for some competitions.  A good ranking system should include more than shooting at fixed targets at known distances. 

      However, it could be replaced with a standard period looking target face with a roundel with a "peg" within a circle.  The roundel, "peg" and circle with be of a standard size and would have a set scoring value.  See the files section of this group for:  "A Period Archery Target for the SCA"  (and the three separate files of illustrations for the article) and "Period Target.pdf". This could provide the same useful information as the FITA face.  

      However, his would require that most of the kingdoms would agree to this change.  And that would most likely only happen if a majority of the archers wanted the change to take place.  Perhaps the Society Deputy Marshal for target archery might have some ideas on this.

      For competitions at events I would like to see the roundel and other period style targets and scoring, hit/miss,  used instead of the modern multi-ring targets with multi-point value scoring.  
      See the files section of this group for my article on "Period Targets and Competitions".  There is a good looking roundel target example in the files under "Decorated Period Target". 


      On Jun 1, 2010, at 11:07 AM, Kirby Campbell wrote:


      I agree with your statement sir about the FITA target not being as period for shoots as we would like. What ways would you suggest on ranking archers throughout the society?


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