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27313Re: Midlands Regional Archery Championship

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  • jbl
    Apr 3, 2010
      My daughter and I will be there it will be our first SCA archery event, we both are experienced archers but new to the SCA and can't wait to get involved.

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Dougal MacAlister <scadougal@...> wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > As you may know, the Midlands Regional Championship shoot is coming up in a few short weeks at Rites of Spring.
      > April 10th Rites of Spring - Travels in the Known World {Canton of Athelington} [Princeton , IL]
      > The tourney will be shot in the afternoon as the AMiC sees fit.
      > The format will be the same as last year. 
      > The tourney will consist of 3 events, 2 ends each:
      >     Clout - 100 yards, untimed, 6 arrows:  To test the archers ability to shoot long.
      >             Scoring:  Hit the butt, 2 points.  Within 10 yards 1 point.
      >     Castle Window - Unorthodox window design / 30 yards, untimed, 6 arrows:  To test archers precision
      >             Scoring:  Hit the inner tape, 2 points.  The outer tape, 1 point.
      >     Multiple target shoot - Timed shoot 45 sec / unlimited arrows / multiple targets unknown distance:  To test archers target acquisition and speed.
      >             Scoring:  Must have a successful hit on the 2 primary targets before shooting on a third target.  Only successful hits on the third target are totalled for score.  Each hit on the third target are worth 1 point.
      > Totalled high score wins. 
      > Only archers of the Midlands are eligible for Champion status.
      > Scoring 2/1s will keep the tablulation quick and as the events are varied, will keep each event equally weighted for a totalled score.
      > I think the only thing stopping this shoot will be severe weather, this is Illinois, in Spring? so the weather can do anything.
      > The backup site/event will be at:
      > April 24th  Awakening - Armored Egg Hunt {Shire of Baile na Scolairi} [Bloomington, IL]
      > Please spread this information to the 4 winds.
      >  THL Dougal MacAlister, C.G.C.
      > Lt.General - Target Archery, Middle Kingdom
      > "Fast is fine, but accuracy is final. You have to be slow in a hurry." -- Wyatt Earp.
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