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27123Principality of the Mists Archery Championship at White Shield

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  • Randal of Camusfearna
    Mar 7, 2010
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      I am writing this in behalf of Sveinn Ulfsson, Mists Archer and current Mists Archery Champion.
      It is our pleasure to announce that the Mists Archery Championship is being held in conjunction with the White Shield Tournament at the Fairgrounds in Tres Pinos, CA on the 13th of March.  The shoot will be in four parts, including short distance, long distance, Combat Archery and an Archers' Duel (foam heads).  The CA portion will require archer's gauntlets and helm (loaners will be available but please bring your own if you have them).
      We will be setting up in the morning, and should hopefully be ready by the time the Heavy Tournament starts.  You need not compete for the Championship in order to participate.
      We look forward to seeing the West's best archers this coming weekend.
      YIS, Randal of Camusfearna
      West Kingdom Archery Champion

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