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27052Re: where to find a long bow

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  • The Greys
    Feb 2, 2010
      I'm going to make a guess here, but I think Padraig meant Elk RIDGE Archery. They vend at SCA events, Gulf Wars, Pennsic and others as well as traditional shoots. 3Rivers is now selling their youth bows, Pilgrim models. I personally have three of their bows. Yeah, I know, obsessive, you and my wife! I have two of their reflex/deflex long bows 38 and 49 pound draw weights. I also have one of their English LongBows, 40 pound draw weight. My favorite right now is the 38 pounder.

      Now, hopefully, short story. Three years ago I attended Gulf Wars in Mississippi. As I was unpacking my van I realized I had not seen either of the two bows I usually bring to war, a longbow and a recurve, nor any arrows for either. DRAT! They are still sitting on the table in my garage in North Carolina! Off to Elk Ridge to purchase a bow. NOBODY GOES TO WAR WITHOUT A BOW! Shot it all week. The following week after GW I was out shooting and the lower limb snapped. I called Joe at Elk Ridge and talked to him about it. He said "No problem, send it back and I'll make you another one." I asked for a few special accents and about 1 1/2 months later a beautiful bow arrives. Joe puts deer antler accents on the limb tips and an antler feather near the handle. On this bow he also faced the back of the handle area with antler. A real beauty. Well the antler backing came lose and I tried all the glues I could get to get it to stick back on. Ultimately I just cut off the lose one inch pieces and sanded the bow face as best I could. At Pennsic that year I walked into the Elk Ridge booth carrying that bow, which I loved. Joe asked me how I liked it. I pointed out the antler facing issue and he snatched the bow out of my hand, walked over to his wall of bows and said "You have a big hand, try this one" and took down a very nice bow. He then said, "Shoot that one all war. If you like it keep it, if not, bring it back and I'll make you another one." I still have that bow, it's my 49 pound longbow, very nice. That's Elk Ridge. They also donate an ELB at GW and two longbows at Pennsic as prizes. Fantastic people and stand behind their product.

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