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26912Re: [SCA-Archery] Target Article on the web

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  • John edgerton
    Dec 4, 2009
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      Thank you Carolus for your assistance.

      The article on his site is a draft version. I will be making some
      changes to the table of contents and re-formatting in places to clear
      it up. There have been two new short sections added to this version
      versus the one I first sent out. I would like input from everyone
      that reads it, as to any thing that may not be clear or any
      additional information and source you might might have on other
      period competitions. etc.

      When I have read the input, I will update a finished version of the
      article and load it on the SCA archery site as well as on Carolus site.

      Thank you


      On Dec 4, 2009, at 7:46 PM, Carolus wrote:

      > Ok, folks. It's here. I have a minimalist web site I use for testing
      > projects and have placed Sir Jon' fine article there. It is a MSWord
      > document and will open from the link if your browser is set up for it.
      > If your browser doesn't give you the option to save the file and you
      > want a copy on your system, right click on the link and save to file.
      > I will be happy to publish other articles or material of interest
      > to the
      > members of this list.
      > The address is:
      > http:rosesandivy.net
      > For those interested in knowing, the name of this site comes from the
      > medieval language of flowers and refers to love and friendship. It is
      > very basic now as I haven't had a real purpose before but now maybe I
      > can help publish some of the fine work folks here have done.
      > Carolus
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