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26877Longbow thermos

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  • Omelan
    Nov 24, 2009
      Greetings to the list! For many of us the cold temperatures signal an end to outdoor archery practice, especially those like me that shoot a period style wood bow. Shooting a cold wood bow could damage the wood. Some of my friends and I occasionally shoot at a local (40 miles away) public indoor range. I drive a pickup truck and there is no room for my 6 ½ foot longbow in the warm cab with me. My problem is during the trip my bow chills down during the ride in the truck bed, which I keep in a 7 foot long 4 inch diameter PVC pipe, with a ½ inch thick soft inner liner. With a little bit of backyard engineering I have learned how to keep my bow warm during transport . I use a 12V DC deep cycle battery (my canoe motor battery), a small DC to 120V AC inverter, and 18 feet of pipe heating cable. The cable has an automatic thermostat and does not work above 38 degrees F. I bypass this with a small "C" clamp which keeps the test switch on during transport. The heating cable does not get hot, only warm to the touch. I added 4 photos to the photo file if you wish to see my contraption.
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