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26847Re: [SCA-Archery] Decent, cheap bow

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  • Jim F
    Nov 9, 2009

      I'm going with Wood Bows http://www.woodbows.com/ that Christain
      mentions for my 1st (in 40+ years) bow. They have some they call Rough &
      Ready, which you finish yourself, $50. to $80. Finishing should be very
      simple, and it's a cost effective way to get a bow to start with. They
      also offer a good guarantee.

      Jim F

      bryn_archer wrote:
      > I have a good/bad problem. My older sister has started to shoot with me. Bad: She keeps stealing my bow. Good: She's shooting with me, not at me :)
      > I'd like to get her a bow of her own for Christmas, but I'm having trouble finding a one. I'd like to get her a 35 lb. recurve. I have a budget of about $100. Any suggestions?
      > Thank you for your help,
      > Bryn
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