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26840Re: archery rules question

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  • James W
    Oct 29, 2009
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      In some Medieval Re-enactment/Recreation groups, there are tougher rules on period authencity and nothing modern can be worn. In those groups, you either wear contacts or use the force, luke.

      I did try to wear contacts at one time in my life but I found them very irritating and my eyes never adjusted. If contacts are not a problem, then please consider them but the SCA does not require such period authencity.

      Glasses are period. The first ones in period were rivet frames and were balanced on the nose. They were mainly used for close-up work. Period glasses would not have been suitable for the archery range though. The use of frame with arms to hook onto the ears was done post-period.

      In Service,
      James Wolfden

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      > I don't think they could.. without mine I would never see the Target.
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