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26622Help Jazzing Up an Archery Demo?

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  • Carl Haicken
    Aug 11, 2009
      Every year, my local barony puts on a demo at a community medieval festival. While we like to have as many different SCA activities on display as possible, the limited space and large crowds preclude an active archery range. Thus, we're limited to a table/camp style, show-and-tell demo. The park where the demo is held also has a 'no fires' rule.
      In the past, the archery part of the demo has been a display including a couple of low poundage stick bows, a Mongolian Recurve (yep, its the real deal, but a limb twist relegates it to wall-hanger status), whatever modern bows people show up with, eight period style arrows with a variety of heads in an arrow bag, and a mail shirt with numerous puncture holes from the demo that allows an archery range. Interactive components include allowing spectators, under supervision, to draw back and ease-down on bows, and if spectators are interested, they can learn how to make a Flemish twist string.
      While the demo is OK, I would like to spruce things up a bit, make the demo more interactive. Any suggestions?
      Many thanks for the assistance and advice.
      - Friderich GrimmeEast KingdomCrown Province of Ostgardr

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