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26563Pennsic Archery champion team

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  • Sam Cohen
    Jul 18, 2009
      To the archer's of the Middle Kingdom and its allies,

      If you would like to be on the Pennsic Archery Champion team, please send
      email to me at zzdragon@... . The shoot will be start at 9:00am
      Sunday on 8/2/09.

      I would like the following information:

      Real Name.

      SCA Name


      Date you are getting to Pennsic

      Were you are camping

      Email and a phone # ( in case I need to talk to you before Pennsic)

      War Point Champion's Shoot

      !. Walk-About-Shoot: To be planned by Robert the Grey, to be kept a secret
      from all

      participants until the shoot begins. It will consist of 10 targets with
      no more than 3

      speed shoots. As usual the sides will split their archers into 10
      groups, which will shoot

      in a group with the other side/s.

      2. Walk-up Shoot: 6 stations at unknown yardage. One time for the entire
      shoot (to be

      determined with the length of the course can be determined). Each side

      separately. Two arrows at each station. Target is a warrior centered in
      a 15 yard radius

      circle. Start at the furthest station, everyone must shoot 2 arrows
      before any archer can

      advance, then all archers advance quickly (have to stay within the
      allotted time) to next

      station. If an archer's equipment malfunctions then that archer drops

      1 point for each arrow in the circle

      2 points for each arrow anywhere in the warrior

      3. Advancing Army: timed (30 seconds), 6 kneeling or standing warriors at

      unknown distances between 20 to 50 yards. No more than one arrow per
      target. Each

      side to shoot separately

      1 point for each arrow in a warrior (kill zone)

      Please pass this message to any groups or list

      Thank you,

      Neko Me

      Lt. General for Archery

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