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  • James Koch
    Jul 12, 2009
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      That's it in a nutshell. The rest is all legal mumbo jumbo.
      Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"

      >start with 6 arrows/bolts, any thing that misses is "lost" and
      >cannot be used in the following rounds.
      >that it ?
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      >Gentlemen & Ladies,
      > >
      >I am sponsoring an archery competition at Pennsic. I have drawn up a
      >set of rules for the contest and have included them below. Be
      >advised, I am not yet sure what exactly will constitute the target
      >butt. I envision it as a being similar to a Saunders matt on a
      >tripod. This is meant to be a simple hit or miss competition. No
      >math whatsoever on anyone's part. Even the distances shot will
      >remain unknown and irrelevant. The only counting required will be in
      >selecting 6 projectiles.
      > >
      >I have a question for the group. Are the following rules clear, and
      >have I covered all the bases? Please understand that I am not asking
      >for improvements or major changes to the competition. If you think a
      >different format is superior, please draw up a set of rules and
      >sponsor your own competition and I'll enter and compete.
      > >
      >Pennsic 38 Alchem Archery Competition
      >1) This competition will award two prizes. One prize will go to
      >the winning hand bow shooter, and the other to the winning crossbow
      >shooter. Hand bows and crossbows will shoot simultaneously at the
      >same target.
      >2) The target consists of a movable butt at an unknown range. A
      >hit anywhere on the butt will be counted as good, including hits
      >which fall or bounce back out. Glances will not be counted as good.
      >3) The shoot is un-timed.
      >4) Participants each begin with six arrows or bolts. Each
      >participant will shoot until a hit is made on the target or all
      >remaining arrows or bolts have been expended. Participants who hit
      >the target stay in the competition into the next round. Those who
      >did not make a hit are eliminated.
      >5) Once all participants have shot, the marshal will allow shooters
      >to gather their arrows and bolts from the ground surrounding the
      >target. These misses will be handed to the scoring marshal for safe
      >keeping until the end of the shoot or until a participant has been
      >eliminated from the competition.
      >6) After all misses have been gathered, any arrow or bolt which has
      >made a good hit on the target may be retrieved and
      >re-used. Participants who hit the target and remain in the
      >competition may combine the scoring arrow or bolt with any others
      >remaining from the previous round.
      >7) The competition will continue until one winning hand bow and one
      >winning crossbow shooter remain.
      > >
      >Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
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