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  • Siegfried
    Jul 12, 2009
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      Sounds good. Sounds simple. I've seen a similar thing done before.

      But you need to move everyone back (or the target back) at each phase.
      Else you can be sitting there for a LONG LONG time while noone misses
      until exhaustion sets in.

      And if you start it nice and close, you can get people feeling good
      and having fun with it, as the attrition slowly begins. (30yd-ish for
      the first one? Assuming a 48" Saunders matt?) If you assume that
      it's moved back 10+yd-ish each time, then after a few rounds you'll
      whittle it down. And it will become quite the spectator sport with
      those knocked out watching and enjoying.

      A couple things to consider also, because someone will ask:

      1) Pass Throughs - Hopefully not an issue once at distance and if you
      choose a new-er matt.

      2) How do you count bounceoffs (or crossbow bolts that cartwheel and
      hit flat, etc). If witnessed are they a hit? Or must it stick?

      3) Deflections? If it hits the end of the matt, and is witnessed,
      does it count?

      4) If EVERYONE misses (or all bows, or all crossbows), how is it
      handled? Do you Just 'do over'? Do you bring the target back closer?

      5) And end-game should perhaps be planned, if you run out of room.
      IE. Assuming you are using the clout range, then at 120yd or so, you
      are going to run out of the ability to move the target farther. If
      you have some better shooters, they 'might' still be hitting it. You
      should at least have a plan in place, either to stay at 'max distance'
      until the randomness has someone fail out. Or to declare a multiple
      winner at that point, or flip a coin, or make people start shooting
      from one foot ;) You hopefully won't run into this, as the
      random-distance issue and stray shots will make people start missing
      earlier, but having an end-game planned in case, would make people
      happier than a random decision at that point.


      On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 11:39 PM, James Koch<alchem@...> wrote:
      > Gentlemen & Ladies,
      >  >
      > I am sponsoring an archery competition at Pennsic.  I have drawn up a
      > set of rules for the contest and have included them below.  Be
      > advised, I am not yet sure what exactly will constitute the target
      > butt.  I envision it as a being similar to a Saunders matt on a
      > tripod.  This is meant to be a simple hit or miss competition.  No
      > math whatsoever on anyone's part.  Even the distances shot will
      > remain unknown and irrelevant.  The only counting required will be in
      > selecting 6 projectiles.
      >  >
      > I have a question for the group.  Are the following rules clear, and
      > have I covered all the bases?  Please understand that I am not asking
      > for improvements or major changes to the competition.  If you think a
      > different format is superior, please draw up a set of rules and
      > sponsor your own competition and I'll enter and compete.
      >  >
      > Pennsic 38 Alchem Archery Competition
      > 1)   This competition will award two prizes.  One prize will go to
      > the winning hand bow shooter, and the other to the winning crossbow
      > shooter.  Hand bows and crossbows will shoot simultaneously at the
      > same target.
      > 2)   The target consists of a movable butt at an unknown range.  A
      > hit anywhere on the butt will be counted as good, including hits
      > which fall or bounce back out.  Glances will not be counted as good.
      > 3)   The shoot is un-timed.
      > 4)   Participants each begin with six arrows or bolts.  Each
      > participant will shoot until a hit is made on the target or all
      > remaining arrows or bolts have been expended.  Participants who hit
      > the target stay in the competition into the next round.  Those who
      > did not make a hit are eliminated.
      > 5)   Once all participants have shot, the marshal will allow shooters
      > to gather their arrows and bolts from the ground surrounding the
      > target.  These misses will be handed to the scoring marshal for safe
      > keeping until the end of the shoot or until a participant has been
      > eliminated from the competition.
      > 6)   After all misses have been gathered, any arrow or bolt which has
      > made a good hit on the target may be retrieved and
      > re-used.  Participants who hit the target and remain in the
      > competition may combine the scoring arrow or bolt with any others
      > remaining from the previous round.
      > 7)   The competition will continue until one winning hand bow and one
      > winning crossbow shooter remain.
      >  >
      > Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      > ------------------------------------
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