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26349Re: [SCA-Archery] waivers

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  • obsidian@raex.com
    May 9, 2009
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      Correct, waivers cannot negate the possibility of being sued. But
      customary SCA practice for a very long while has been to provide a paper
      trail for informed consent, and that is the sense in which I understood
      the original query.


      On Sat, May 9, 2009 12:15
      pm, Carolus wrote:
      > Two items:
      > 1) An event need not be
      published to be covered by insurance - all
      > SCA sponsored
      activities are covered. See the Seneschal's Handbook,
      > pg 22 et
      al. This is a change from older rules
      > 2) The signing of a
      waiver cannot be used to imply liability. This
      > is an urban
      myth. Waivers will not prevent lawsuits, they only make
      > them
      easier to win. The waiver is similar to the informed consent
      form one signs at a doctor's office - is says you know the risks and
      > accept them willingly. The only difference in having a waiver or
      > is that if no waiver is required it can be argued that the
      > organizer(s) knew of the danger and concealed it thus
      making it
      > harder to win a suit.
      > That said,
      when I ran archery for Caid I asked for corporate opinion
      > and
      was told no waivers needed at archery practice.
      > former Seneschal who reads the current handbooks
      > At 02:29 AM 5/9/2009, you wrote:

      "Ausculta, feminae novae in lacunis recumbens gladii
      dispensans non fundamentum pro formula administrationis est."

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