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  • obsidian@raex.com
    May 9 2:29 AM
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      ----- Regarding waivers and sign-ins generally: in
      the Midrealm, there is no requirement to use waivers at a simple practice,
      and it isn't done, normally. Individual marshals at local practices can,
      of course, use sign-in sheets, scorecards, waivers, whatever; there is no
      requirement NOT to use them either; but generally I think folks would
      think that sort of thing much more officious than need be for a simple
      practice. Bear in mind that, as far as the overall SCA goes, a seperate
      waiver for an archery range isn't required even for an event, which leads
      to part two...

      ----- Regarding Gladius' question about
      insurance. If a practice is officially announced at a regular meeting,
      and/or if it is published in a recognized Scadian publication such as a
      local newsletter or whatnot, then the practice is regarded as an
      "event", and insurance applies, I believe. And, other such
      circumstances, the presence of a warranted marshal is required (if the
      kingdom in which this takes places has recognized and warranted TAMs - I
      think all kingdoms do, now, ne ce pas?). This is why, when I was
      Archer-General, if someone came to me and said "there's a group of us
      that would like to practice, but there are no marshals in our area, what
      can we do?" I would advise them simply to go to someone's backyard or
      a local range and practice to their hearts content - without involving the
      SCA as such by announcing or advertising it in a formal sense within SCA
      venues or media. So, the case that Gladius discusses (and by extension,
      what Lorelei is getting at) is - a sign-in sheet does not create
      liability. The presence of a warranted marshal does not create liability
      as such. Requiring the signing of a waiver is a grey area, and could be
      implied to apply a liability if you wanted to argue it. Standing up in a
      regular meeting and announcing that you are going to hold a practice on
      such-and-such a day, or publishing said info in your shire newsletter,
      does create an official SCA venue, and under that circumstance, all
      relevant kingdom and SCA Inc. regulations are in force.


      On Fri, May 8, 2009 11:51 pm, James Koch wrote:
      > Gentlemen & Ladies,
      > >
      > I have a relevant
      question. Given the case of someone like Lorelei
      > who holds
      practices on their own property, if they have participants
      > sign
      a waiver and have a marshal on hand to inspect equipment and run
      the line, are these people covered by the SCA's insurance?
      > Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      > >
      >>Greetings Dalton,
      >>We have a regular archery practice at my home in
      North Carolina -
      >> Atlantia.
      >>I maintain good
      range safety, do bow inspections, and keep the
      off the range (fair amount on the sidelines
      >>*smile*).We do
      keep track
      >>of who was at practice, but we've never felt the
      need for any kind of
      >>waiver. I imagine from a liability
      perspective, that might change if
      >> someone
      >>tripped, fell and tried to sue me for being a klutz.
      >>In a message dated 5/8/2009 6:56:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight
      >>Good day to the list,
      are having a discussion in our area about waivers and sign in sheets
      >>for archery practice. My question is, do you require either or
      both for
      >>archery practices in your home area? I am curious to
      know how things
      >>are done in
      >>**************A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above. See yours in
      just 2
      >> easy
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