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  • Mark Cipra
    Apr 12, 2009
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      Given we won't be able to change the war points schedule, your "up side" comments are very well taken.  May I suggest that at least some of the novelty shoots have multiple prizes, even small tokens?  Have them for categories (best youth competitor, best novice, etc.).  People like prizes.

      My last comment on the "down side":  Yes, other combattants have had to deal with tough scheduing problems all along, but archery is different in that it's the only war-point activity that *every* SCAdian can legitimately contribute to.

       Mark Cipra
      "90% of success is showing up" - Woody Allen

      From: James Koch <alchem@...>
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      Gentlemen And Ladies,
      I tend to agree with Ancel on this. It will also exclude the people
      who will leave before or arrive after the shoots are held. It may
      also discourage some new archers from participating in the war point
      shoots since they won't have the option of practicing for several
      days and then shooting for points on the final Friday. In years past
      I used to bring a dozen new archers to the range every day with
      equipment I loaned them. When they were ready to shoot for points, I
      paid them $1 for each point they scored. Every year I had one or two
      of these people buy their own bow and arrows before leaving. Of
      course the new set up is no different than what the fencers and
      heavies have contended with for decades. If your work or personal
      life prevents you from being on site on the day of the field or woods
      battle, then you simply miss fighting in that battle. Is there any
      plan to keep the range open an extra hour on the days of the war
      point shoots?
      On the up side, we have the opportunity to introduce new
      competitions. We need to design these so that they are interesting
      to watch, and don't take hours to shoot. We also need prizes. Real
      prizes. Hence my offer of the swords. Perhaps we can approach the
      merchants to sponsor shoots by offering prizes of a certain minimum
      value. Then we could call the sponsored competition the Meric shoot
      or the Greybarr challenge.
      Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      > At 08:20 AM 4/12/2009, kweancel wrote:

      >This is going to make it even more difficult for those of us who
      >both shoot and fight (and marshal!). I'll be betting that less
      >heavies show up to shoot.
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      ><mailto:SCA- Archery%40yahoog roups.com>SCA-Archery@ yahoogroups. com,
      >agincort@.. . wrote:
      > >
      > > > We're going to be getting everyone who wants to shoot a war
      > > > point through the gates on a single day, twice? Whew! Any way to
      > > > get at least two days for each of these shoots?
      > > >
      > > > Llywelyn Mark Cipra
      > >
      > > My thoughts exactly, on first hearing.
      > > Still, unless you can read our Princes's agreement some other way, that's
      > > how it's gonna be.
      > > Apparently, they would like us to enjoy the archery, and the populace
      > > will.
      > > Different shoots every day, and the freedom to come back daily and shoot
      > > some more.
      > > It's a major change from what we've become used to.
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