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  • agincort@juno.com
    Apr 2, 2009
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      > One thing that Pennsic has that GW does not is a woods walk course.

      Even at Pennsic we have to set woods walks up as 'special shoots'
      the staffing is intense there for that, mostly because each target gets
      set up
      as a separately scored mini shoot. With ten target scenarios, it takes
      everyone not on the champions teams to turn out to staff it. IE: 30 on
      team, sometimes 40 - when the allies are added in, then 20 plus marshals,
      at 2 per, well, you see. On the other hand, many new marshals have joined

      the scorers in the past few years. And more than a few marshals in
      It also takes some hours to set up, and 4 hours or so to shoot.
      That is not the only way to do it; my local archery range (Wingfoot)
      mostly woods walks. Their main expense is in getting targets. The course,
      once set up, is self scored, and there are no marshals at all.
      That also takes hours, for the shoot, not for the shooter, but with 30
      it takes quite a while. Add in the scoring and tallying - and giving
      I've been on a few of those in the SCA as well. Groups of four can
      themselves,usually. And the number of targets controls the time. The
      prizes if any can be at dinner or court, so plenty of flex overall.
      The particular war format at Pennsic has made the above difficult, to
      impossible to do, but Gulf war might find it possible. If having an
      unusual - Hunters experience - is the goal, then it could be done with
      less tabulation. On the other hand, "there were ten animals, how many
      did you hit? Which army? OK" One scorer, no problem.
      As for this year, at Pennsic, the range has moved, and the woods may
      be in question, since the archery is off Mt. Eislin, where that woods
      happened. I believe the new site has that potential, as well, so it may
      continue. That's the intent, anyway.
      Ian Gourdon of Glen Awe
      Midrealm Forester - OP
      Novelty shoot coordinator Pennsic 38
      "- bows of carved wood strong for use, with well-seasoned strings of
      hemp, and arrows sharp-pointed whizzing in flight."
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