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26064Re: [SCA-Archery] Period Bow

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  • James Koch
    Jan 11, 2009
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      Where do you live? Once we know that we can refer you to a local
      fletcher. For SCA shooting you need special arrows. That is to say
      you need natural shafts and fletching. For a modern recurve you will
      want to use wood shafts and feather fletch. What is the draw weight
      of your bow? It is written on the side or one of the limbs and looks
      like this 35# @ 28". Your best bet is to obtain arrows matched for
      both you and for the bow. This will depend on your draw
      length. There is a special stick for measuring this and your local
      fletcher likely has one. The shafts can then be cut to your length
      and the stiffness of the spine of the arrows matched to the draw
      weight of your bow. This is not such a big deal with a
      recurve. Then points of the appropriate weight can be attached. For
      medieval France you probably want to use a long flatbow.
      Jim Koch "Gladius The Alchemist"
      >At 02:04 AM 1/11/2009, you wrote:

      >I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information relating
      >to 14th century 'France', and archery?
      >My personae is occitan, which is a mountainous region of what is now
      >central France. I can't find any information to tell me what kind of
      >bow these people used, and what sort of wood it might have been made of.
      >Also, by pure chance I was gifted a recurve bow from an acquaintance
      >and I was thinking of just using this and going to archery practice but
      >I don't have any arrows. Should I just buy some regular arrows? Or do I
      >need some kind of special arrows? I know I want to be period, and I
      >like to make my own stuff, so maybe I should just make my own.
      >Looking at archery sites, I see a lot of different points and
      >materials. How do I know what size shafts to buy and how long they
      >should be? What points are used in archery practices and sca
      >competitions? And where should I buy my supplies?
      >Thank You,

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