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  • cuvien1438
    Jan 10, 2009

      I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information relating
      to 14th century 'France', and archery?

      My personae is occitan, which is a mountainous region of what is now
      central France. I can't find any information to tell me what kind of
      bow these people used, and what sort of wood it might have been made of.

      Also, by pure chance I was gifted a recurve bow from an acquaintance
      and I was thinking of just using this and going to archery practice but
      I don't have any arrows. Should I just buy some regular arrows? Or do I
      need some kind of special arrows? I know I want to be period, and I
      like to make my own stuff, so maybe I should just make my own.

      Looking at archery sites, I see a lot of different points and
      materials. How do I know what size shafts to buy and how long they
      should be? What points are used in archery practices and sca
      competitions? And where should I buy my supplies?

      Thank You,

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