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  • Jessica E Baas
    Oct 8, 2008
      I have two deputies on GWW staff that handled all the details and
      planning. Unfortunately, they're already on-site so they can't answer
      questions. I'm not sure if they were brining in an extra backstop for crossbows (since hay won't cut it). We don't have a lot of crossbow competitors in Caid, largely in part because they are illegal in a number of cities and are not allowed at a lot of the ranges we hold events at most often. I cannot remember anyone competing at GWW with a crossbow since I began attending (GWW IV, this is XI), that doesn't mean it hasn't happened though! Just that I can't remember.

      In Caid, crossbows are a separate division and compete separately from handbows.


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      Thank you for the information.

      Are there any restrictions for crossbows in any of the competitions?


      On Oct 8, 2008, at 12:31 PM, Jessica E Baas wrote:

      > The Grand Masters tournament is open to all archers. It began as a
      > tournament put on by the top ranked archers to invite all others to
      > compete in an endurance test of strength and skill. It is a double
      > elimination royal round tournament that often goes 9-11 rounds by
      > the end of the day. It begins promptly at 9am with first round
      > challenges. Lists will be open Thursday and Friday and for 30
      > minutes Saturday morning.
      > Also not to miss at GWW this year:
      > For the second year, a night clout will be held! Come out to range
      > at sundown Friday evening (bring a lantern/flashlight) for a very
      > challenging shoot! Distance is most difficult to judge in the
      > darkness.
      > Also...regarding authorizations. ..
      > Typically at GWW we do ascribe to home Kingdom standards for those
      > that live out of Kingdom. Those that live in Caid and are not
      > authorized must do so in order to compete, but if you live out of
      > Kingdom, you will not have to complete the entire authorization.
      > You may be asked to do a short inspection/practice round to show
      > you know what you're doing. Of course, you are more than welcome to
      > complete the whole authorization if you would like to get that
      > Caidan experience.
      > Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance this year due to injury,
      > but I trust my deputies will serve well (they're already on-site).
      > Christina
      > Minister of Archers, Caid

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