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  • Jessica E Baas
    Oct 8, 2008
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      The Grand Masters tournament is open to all archers. It began as a tournament put on by the top ranked archers to invite all others to compete in an endurance test of strength and skill. It is a double elimination royal round tournament that often goes 9-11 rounds by the end of the day. It begins promptly at 9am with first round challenges. Lists will be open Thursday and Friday and for 30 minutes Saturday morning.

      Also not to miss at GWW this year:
      For the second year, a night clout will be held! Come out to range at sundown Friday evening (bring a lantern/flashlight) for a very challenging shoot! Distance is most difficult to judge in the darkness.

      Also...regarding authorizations...
      Typically at GWW we do ascribe to home Kingdom standards for those that live out of Kingdom. Those that live in Caid and are not authorized must do so in order to compete, but if you live out of Kingdom, you will not have to complete the entire authorization. You may be asked to do a short inspection/practice round to show you know what you're doing. Of course, you are more than welcome to complete the whole authorization if you would like to get that Caidan experience.

      Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance this year due to injury, but I trust my deputies will serve well (they're already on-site).

      Minister of Archers, Caid

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      At GWW on Saturday there are "Grand Masters" competitions listed.
      What do these consist of and are they for Grand Master archers only?


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