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25155RE: [SCA-Archery] Re: Target Panic NYTimes article.

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  • Frederick Fenters
    Aug 7, 2008
      I have found that when I really wanted to practice “speed shooting” the idea
      of a rhythm really helped me. Playing a favorite piece of music helps get
      you into that rhythm and can do surprising things for you. I went from 4
      crossbow arrows in 30 seconds to 6, occasionally 7, in this manner. Your
      song can be anything from a Symphony with a strong cadence to John Phillip
      Sousa to “Smoke on the Water” to some crazy rap, so long as it it something
      pleasant to your ears.



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      James, and all others who might find some benefit;

      We can be our own worst critics, eh?

      Although it has been some time (more than a 1 1/2 years! goodness,
      has it really been so long?) since I have participated in any SCA
      archery competitions, I do remember how I "cured" my own "target
      panic" during Speed Rounds. Seems I couldn't send my arrows to the
      same area of the target, let alone get them to group decently, and
      rarely got off more than six arrows. When I had to stop archery (due
      to a broken bow - this May, in fact - which still hasn't been
      replaced), I was up to eight arrows (it's been so long, I don't know
      if I can still do it).

      All I did was concentrate on shooting in a ***rhythm***, as in a
      Cadence Shoot; speed is secondary to keeping a steady rhythm. As you
      gain skill/accuracy (and confidence), you can increase the speed of
      your shooting -- but always keep the rhythm. Number One "rule" in the
      speed rounds: Do Not Rush Your Shots.

      Plus, it helps if you can just stop obsessing over the "score". I
      know, it's hard... Just relax, and enjoy the shoot.


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