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  • Luigi Kapaj
    Jul 14 10:03 AM
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      I'm working on a project where it would be useful to include some
      information about famous archers.

      I know about a few interesting Asian sources including Erhii Mergen and Yi
      the archer of Mongolian and Chinese mythology respectively, some historical
      archers from the Mongol Empire like Yesunggei, Arjuna from the Indic epic
      Mahabarata, good ol' Robin Hood, and I think Odysseus was supposed to be an
      incredible archer. But that's about it.

      What are your heroes of archery?

      They can be historical or mythological, and from any culture. A name and
      source is plenty, brief description would be nice too. Emphasis on their
      skill. I'm just not interested in anything too modern.

      Oh yeah, William Tell and other crossbow heroes welcome too. Not my focus,
      but wouldn't hurt.

      Let me kick this off with the ones I know already:

      Erhii Mergen - Mongol mythology - Myth of the seven suns burning up the
      land, Erhii Mergen, after some boasting by both him and his flying horse,
      shot down 6 of the 7 suns, his 7th shot was deflected by a swallow, forking
      its tail, and the sun hid behind the mountains in the west. After failing to
      live up to his boast, he cut off his thumbs and became a marmot and his
      horse a gerbil.

      Yi the archer - Chinese mythology, possibly 2 separate Yi's 1 myth & 1
      historical - variant myth of 7 suns among other stories.
      "Chinese Archery" by Stephen Selby

      Yesungge - Mongol Empire - Nephew of Chinggis Khaan, has a record breaking
      archery score (translations vary from 300 to 600 yards) recorded in stone
      currently held in the Hermitage.

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