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25040New Thrown Weapons Interkingdom Competition website with scores posted!

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  • Arion and Skadi
    Jun 29 9:42 AM
      The new and final destination for the TWIC website is now up, thanks to Elonda Blue Haven, the An Tir Thrown Weapons Officer. All you need to know about the TWIC is here. Previous websites will be taken down with a link to this site.


      Please note that there is a new score sheet. Please use this one rather than one of the older versions. This one has all the good features of the previous several versions combined on one sheet.

      Also, please check the "Links" tab to confirm that your Kingdom's thrown weapons site is correctly listed. If you have a site that is not listed, let me know.

      Keep those scores coming in to arion@... or:

      Dave Peters
      7127 Cadmar LN NW
      Seabeck, WA 98380

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