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  • Aine de Lacy
    Jun 1, 2008
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      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Christensen" <rainmagix@...>

      General Question: Does anyone know when Combat Archery with Bows

      Combat archery first began in the SCA in the Kingdom of the West at
      the Island War in 1967. The arrows were eighteen inch long green
      stained bamboo garden stakes. There was no fletching and the blunt
      heads were made of one inch thick foam rubber secured with white
      first-aid tape and were about one to one and a half inches wide.
      There was no maximum weight limit for the bows, because the short
      arrows kept the draw and power down. The archers were not required to
      wear any face protection. By 1970 the Saunders Bludgeon Tip was
      discovered in Atenvelt, it was brought back by Duke Henrik of Havn
      and then adopted by the West. The Saunders Bludgeon Tips were a
      commercially made three quarter inch wide blunt of soft plastic made
      for hunting rabbits, squirrels and other small game. This brought
      about the use of fencing masks, soccer cups and other protective
      gear. In the East Kingdom combat archery was developing using the
      blunt created by the Markland Military Militia. These Markland blunts
      had a two inch diameter head built up from foam around a one inch
      wood dowel. These were large enough so that they could not pass
      through the visor slot or bars of a helm and therefore screening was
      not needed. As the SCA grew, the Eastern and Western areas developed
      their own styles of blunts and their own conventions of combat. The
      first SCA wide rules for combat archery were published in 1978. Then
      in 1985 the rules were revised by the SCA Marshal, Earl Kevin
      Perigrynne. We now have, just as in heavy tourney and war combat, a
      comprehensive set of rules that provide for both safety and for
      conventions of light combat

      Facts: In a year what do you think your think you spend on archery?

      Up to 100$

      100$-200$ <===




      Target Archery <===

      Combat Archery

      All Archery

      Personal Questions:

      What is your favorite archery style or contest style?

      I am pretty new to archery. I have gone to a few IKAC Contests just
      to observe. I will soon get my nerve up to join in... lol...

      What first attracted you to archery?

      When I was about 13 years old, I was at summer camp where they had
      archery and I had alot of fun. At that moment I was addicted!

      What did you learn from archery that you did not expect?

      How to make my own arrows and when they break, how to fix them. I
      have such a great teacher! I have so much more to learn... lol...

      Please name your Kingdom and list your three favorite archery events:

      West Kingdom, Principaly of Cynagua, Barony of Fettburg

      1. Barony of Darkwood Compatation, 2. Spring Coronet, and 3. archery
      practice on Sundays with my barony. Not necessarly in that

      Ok you get one paragraph, what would you say to some one who is
      looking at getting into archery to get them excited.

      Your gonna love it. But be warned, it gets expensive but it's well
      worth it. Once you get into it, it seriously it becomes addictive...

      Hope this helps ya... :)

      Aine de Lacy
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