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24687Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Combat crossbows

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  • blkknighti@aol.com
    Apr 5, 2008
      For usage in target archery perhaps a roller nut may have the advantage of
      being somewhat smoother hence aid in accuracy but on the battle field I have
      found a rising pin release quite a bit better than my roller nut bow. It may be
      personal preference but I would advise a rising pin over roller nut.
      I think the best place to ask this would be on the SCA Missile combat list.


      In a message dated 4/5/08 7:17:04 PM, randal_of_camusfearna@... writes:

      > Knowing very little about crossbows, I am assuming from the
      > recommendations posted that the trigger/release mechanism of the
      > Hightowers is not seen as a disadvantage when compared to a rolling
      > nut release?
      > Randal

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