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  • arturdubh
    Mar 31, 2008
      George, you know that I respect you as an archer and all (at least I
      hope that you know this), and I know I most likely won't be endearing
      myself to anybody (well, hardly anybody) with this, yet it needs to
      be said. So, here goes...

      This has been a discussion on range-finding implements, both modern
      and not-so-modern (optical or otherwise). Just replace "range-
      finders" with "modern recurve bows/longbows".... Just remember, even
      though SCA rules do not expressly forbid the use of modern-design
      Traditional bows (especially take-down bows), they do not "add to the
      realism involved with researching or reenacting our period" -- since
      Dacron, fibre-glass and "action wood" were not known in the Middle

      I personally do not like to see anyone using brightly-painted shafts
      while portraying a Norse persona, since it seems such a shaft would
      only serve to alert the "victim" (target) of its imminent fate, yet I
      would still allow the use of such brightly-painted shafts if I were
      the line-Marshal; some folks simply like their shafts to be
      personalized in such a way which is so very non-period in nature.
      What rankles is the blanket exclusion of something simply because the
      person "in charge" doesn't like it -- not because the rules forbid
      its use.

      Now, if the shoot were to have rules expressly forbidding the use of
      (modern) range-finding devices, including anything incorporating a
      magnifying lens of any kind (excluding, of course, prescription eye-
      glasses) and/or ranging marks on the bow....

      Also, the statement that range-finders "would not have been available
      to archer in period": Just what documentation is there to show that
      they were not available to archers "in period"? This question is not
      lightly asked, nor is it asked sarcastically; there are people who
      really want to know.

      Just my fourteen cents (adjusted for inflation).


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Oakes, George" <goakes@...>
      > As a Ranger at Large in Trimaris,
      > I would not allow such a device as it has no reference or would not
      > been available to archer in period. While the rules do not expressly
      > forbid it, I still would not allow it as it does not add to the
      > involved with researching or reenacting our period.
      > just my two cents, other rangers may agree or disagree, and that is
      > there place to do so.
      > YIS
      > Ranger Gavin
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      > Subject: [SCA-Archery] Re: Judging distance
      > Any opinions on the use of optical range finders or other less
      > equipment to judge unknown distances at SCA competitions? Their use
      > is not expressly forbidden by SCA rules.
      > Jon
      > Yep, strong opinion:
      > NO, not allowed.
      > I don't even like the marking of bow limbs. :|
      > Godwin
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