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24587RE: [SCA-Archery] Indoor range - new question

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  • Talmon Parker
    Mar 27, 2008
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      thought you might like to add this to your files,
      Baron Talmon.

      Nearly any carpet co. will be glad to give you all the used carpet you can handle. They have to pay, to dump it at the local dump. We used one or two pieces to set up a full CATC range. One piece doubled ,8x12' over a One inch conduit frame, braced with nylon rope. 4 frames in all.
      Two pieces of 10 ft. steel conduit. Cut at 4' on a 45 degree angle, then welded together to form a right angle. One inline connector gives you a 8'x6' "u" shaped frame.Use a "c" clamp around one of the uprights to keep it from moving around.Use a 3 foot piece of 1/2" re-bar for outside. drive it about halfway into the ground. then lower the upright post down onto them Use a piece of 2x8x12" with a 1"hole drilled into it, for the inside shooting.
      BE SURE TO GET CARPET THAT IS NOT RUBBER BACKED OR NON-SLIP... The rubber will melt and coat the shafts. Use two layers if you have any blow thru's. Just put it in the trash when it gets too thin in the target area. Stops 150# cross bows at 30 yards.
      If you feel the need for some more fun type things. Move your target to one of the corners and try your hunting arrows. I would probably use three layers doubled for this type of fun thou.

      Have fun with this one.
      Talmon Gates edge, ansteorra


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      Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 10:40:04 -0700
      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Indoor range - new question

      Try two or three layers of old used carpet with some space between

      each layer.


      On Mar 27, 2008, at 9:57 AM, lord.ormr wrote:

      > The archery nets that I see online are quite spendy, but the only

      > one I

      > have found that is rated above a 50# bow is about $350, which is more

      > than I am willing to spend. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set

      > up an indoor/basement range for a high power bow? I have a movers

      > blanket in front of the foam on the wall, but my arrows usually go

      > through both and hit the wall if I miss, but thankfully not with

      > enough

      > force to break the arrow.


      > If I buy the archery netting rated to 50# and hang the movers blanket

      > in front of it, Do you think that would work? I do not want to make

      > the investment in the archery netting if it will not do.


      > Does anyone have a good source for the archery netting? I need an 8x10

      > (or 8x8) but can go a little smaller if needed.


      > Ormr




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