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24578Re: Indoor range - new question

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  • Egon
    Mar 27, 2008
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      Not a net but.....

      I created my backstop using three 4x4's 8'long. Used two and made
      pells with 6 inches out of the top for 7' total height and cemented
      tire bases. Took the third and used it as a cross piece between the
      two pells with 8" spikes that allow it to be placed and removed.
      Attached hooks to the top and hang carpet, etc. whatever is on hand
      to make my backstop. Works out to roughly 7'x8' but I only shoot 45#
      so loose hanging carpet works great to take the force out of the
      arrows and I only shoot 20 yards right now.

      So I have 2 pells for heavy practice and a quick assemble backstop
      for arrows, knives and axes. Quick takedown allows for easy storage
      and protection from the weather. Not to mention it only cost around
      $50 to make.

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "lord.ormr" <simpson1999@...>
      > The archery nets that I see online are quite spendy, but the only
      one I
      > have found that is rated above a 50# bow is about $350, which is
      > than I am willing to spend. Does anyone have any ideas on how to
      > up an indoor/basement range for a high power bow? I have a movers
      > blanket in front of the foam on the wall, but my arrows usually go
      > through both and hit the wall if I miss, but thankfully not with
      > force to break the arrow.
      > If I buy the archery netting rated to 50# and hang the movers
      > in front of it, Do you think that would work? I do not want to
      > the investment in the archery netting if it will not do.
      > Does anyone have a good source for the archery netting? I need an
      > (or 8x8) but can go a little smaller if needed.
      > Ormr
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