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24576Re: [SCA-Archery] Indoor range - new question

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  • Jeff Morton
    Mar 27, 2008
      Your best bet might be to get a 16x10 net and instead of hanging it
      from the 16' top side, double it over and hang it from its 4 corners
      so you have a double thick 10' wide x 8' high net. Also, the net
      should not be taut, it should be left to hang loose so an arrow
      hitting it can easily deform it so that it absorbs the blow. Hang the
      net about 4 feet forward of the back wall and attach the bottom
      corners to the wall loosely so that the bottom is 2 feet behind the
      top line, with 2 feet between the bottom edge and the wall. With this
      slant, you'll also be able to hang the top edge at the same line as
      the target, so you shouldn't lose much distance.

      http://www.pricebustersports.com/16x10arne.html - 16x10, $167.

      As for the mover's blanket, you might get more deflecting power out of
      it if you tilt it, as well, though the tilt will need to be more
      dramatic, closer to a 45 degree angle. At 90 degrees to the incoming
      arrow, the arrow's force will result in penetration. At 45 degrees,
      it should deflect and absorb impact better. If you don't have much
      space, you *might* be able to run a series of ropes down the wall,
      every foot or two, and gently drape the blanket back and forth in a
      zigzag pattern. That way you'll only run into trouble if the arrow
      hits one of the lines and breaks it.

      On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 12:57 PM, lord.ormr <simpson1999@...> wrote:
      > The archery nets that I see online are quite spendy, but the only one I
      > have found that is rated above a 50# bow is about $350, which is more
      > than I am willing to spend. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set
      > up an indoor/basement range for a high power bow? I have a movers
      > blanket in front of the foam on the wall, but my arrows usually go
      > through both and hit the wall if I miss, but thankfully not with enough
      > force to break the arrow.
      > If I buy the archery netting rated to 50# and hang the movers blanket
      > in front of it, Do you think that would work? I do not want to make
      > the investment in the archery netting if it will not do.
      > Does anyone have a good source for the archery netting? I need an 8x10
      > (or 8x8) but can go a little smaller if needed.
      > Ormr
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