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24570RE: [SCA-Archery] Archery Nets

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  • Frederick Fenters
    Mar 26, 2008
      There are nets hung behind the ranges at Pennsic. They are also used at
      Better War Through Archery in Sternfeld in the Midrealm. BWTA is an indoor
      event and the nets no doubt save lots of broken arrows and lost deposits
      from holes in the walls. At Pennsic, I think the nets are of some use, but
      there are still those shots that find the gaps in the coverage and disappear
      into the wilds beyond. I believe that the Coopers insisted that the nets be
      part of the planning when the range was moved to the top of Mount Aislinn.

      My personal opinion (your mileage will almost certainly vary) is that the
      nets are mostly psychological in value outdoors and the money invested in
      them could be better spent in some other passive system for preventing
      misses from travelling too far. Or on better target face systems thereby
      avoiding the question entirely.

      Padraig MacRaighne


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      I know that careful planning and a safe range are of paramount importance.
      With that said, what are the opinions in the group on the use of Archery
      Nets? Nets will never replace safety and planning but is there a place for
      them in outdoor archery? Do any of you use them and if so, in what capacity?
      For example, do you use them as an "arrow catcher" behind your butts? Or are
      you on the other side of the coin and do not use them at all?

      I personally use one in my home range which is in my basement. It is a 10' x
      10' net which is doubled over so the bottom edge just touches the floor. It
      hangs approximately one foot out from my wall . I have had no penetrations
      using a 40# Recurve, with 125 Grain Target Tips.

      I am interested in hearing opinions on this subject.

      Yours in Service,

      Arthen ap Rhun

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