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  • Arthen ap Rhun
    Mar 26, 2008
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      I know that careful planning and a safe range are of paramount importance.
      With that said, what are the opinions in the group on the use of Archery
      Nets? Nets will never replace safety and planning but is there a place for
      them in outdoor archery? Do any of you use them and if so, in what capacity?
      For example, do you use them as an "arrow catcher" behind your butts? Or are
      you on the other side of the coin and do not use them at all?

      I personally use one in my home range which is in my basement. It is a 10' x
      10' net which is doubled over so the bottom edge just touches the floor. It
      hangs approximately one foot out from my wall . I have had no penetrations
      using a 40# Recurve, with 125 Grain Target Tips.

      I am interested in hearing opinions on this subject.

      Yours in Service,

      Arthen ap Rhun

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