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24262Gulf War Qualifying scores available on IKAC Website

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  • Andre Detommaso
    Feb 3, 2008
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      Greetings from Lorenzo,

      as previously mentioned, the Qualifying scores for the
      Archery Grand Exhibition Tourney, to be held at Gulf
      Wars VXII, are now available for viewing at

      The qualifying scores are calculated based on archers'
      IKAC performance from 1-Feb-2007 through 1-March-2008.
      Therefore, the Gulf War reports on the web site will
      continue to be updated as new scores come in.

      The Gulf War Qualifying score displayed on each report
      is based on the archers' IKAC performance since 1 Feb
      2007, and is computed as follows:

      20% of score is the Total Number of scores submitted
      during the period (up to a max of 10)
      20% of the score is the Archer's Highest Submitted
      IKAC score during the period
      60% of the score is the average of all the archers'
      submissions during the period

      Please address all questions related to the Grand
      Exhibition Tourney to THL Aleyn Kynyd ap Rhys, at

      Please address all score submissions, questions or
      concerns about scores to myself, at ikac@...

      Please note that the IKAC Gulf War web page also
      contains a link to the Grand Archery Exhibition
      Tourney official flyer, which contains much more
      details about the tourney.

      Best regards,
      - Lorenzo

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