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23950Re: IKAC Status and period shoots

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  • arturdubh
    Dec 7, 2007
      One thing I didn't see covered in all the well-worded responses (I
      may have missed it, it is past time to get some sleep)...

      There are many people who wish to use "period" equipment, but for
      various reasons -- such as limited amounts of "extra" money after
      paying bills, or no space or time in which to make their own
      equipment -- are unable to acquire "period" equipment. Myself, when I
      have the money I do not have the space, and when I have the space I
      usually do not have the money; if I have the money and space, I
      usually do not have the time. Now that I have the time to make my
      own, I do not have the money (tools cost money, you know...I finally
      got a piece of wood to use, though), and I no longer have the space
      needed (some drying logs are taking it all up...).

      There are many reasons to use "period" equipment -- and just as many
      (if not more) why "period" equipment may be out of reach for many
      people. Requiring archers at SCA Archery events to use only "period"
      equipment (unless it actually IS a "specialty" event) would be akin
      to requiring attendees at SCA events to wear only "period" clothing
      made of "period" textiles sewn in only "period" patterns using
      only "period" methods; not everyone will want to -- or be able to
      afford to -- be that Authentic.

      Just my opinion.


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "John and Carol Atkins"
      <cogworks@...> wrote:
      > For my two cents worth on the subject of period shoots, I think
      > would be great, BUT.............. Here's that word. In my area we
      > have had many folks join our group (and the SCA) through/becasue of
      > archery. As we all know to get reasonably good at archery it takes
      > lots of practice. Modern recurve bows "help" the archer. By that
      > mean, they are typically easier to shoot for a variety of reasons.
      > Yes, I can buy a wood bow from any number of sources on the
      > or in person for under $100 but the truth is, these bows are
      > difficult to shoot. They are more critical for setting up and
      > matching arrow spine to draw weight, etc., etc. I'M NOT KNOCKING
      > WOOD BOWS. I have 14 bows hanging in my garage right now, some are
      > all wood and real beauties. But new archers are looking for some
      > degree of success to stay encouraged to stay with the sport. How
      > many of us have seen a new archer doing the happy dance because
      > they "finally hit the target" (forget for what score) at 20 yards?
      > My point here is period is fine, for those of us who have been in
      > archery for a while and have developed a degree of skill at the
      > sport. For new people let's not hamper them with rules requiring
      > expensive equipment that is more difficult to use.
      > How many fighters would have become active fighters if the only way
      > they could have stepped on the field is with "period" armor? The
      > guy at Pennsic who sells plastic armor does a fine business for a
      > reason - he serves the new fighter community. As they get better,
      > like archers, they improve their equipment to a more period
      > appearance. Perhaps that is the goal for the archery community.
      > Get them in, get them hooked, get them improved (meaning more
      > period).
      > cog
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