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23917Re: [SCA-Archery] Rem Acu

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  • James of the Lake
    Dec 5, 2007
      I thought the phrase might appear in Shakespeare somewhere, but
      Bartleby.com has

      1) 2091. John Fletcher. 1579-1625. Bartlett, John, comp. 1919.
      Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.
      ...NUMBER: 2091 AUTHOR: John Fletcher (1579–1625) QUOTATION: Hit the
      nail on the head. ATTRIBUTION: Love s Cure. Act ii. Sc. 1....
      2) 9233. François Rabelais. c. 1490-1553. Bartlett, John, comp. 1919.
      Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.
      ...NUMBER: 9233 AUTHOR: François Rabelais (c. 1490–1553) QUOTATION:
      You have there hit the nail on the head. 1 ATTRIBUTION: Works. Book
      iii. Chap. xxxiv. Note 1. See...



      On Dec 5, 2007, at 9:39 PM, John edgerton wrote:

      > I posted the information on "rem acu" to the Society Of Archer-
      > Antiquaries Forum and asked if anyone knew when it was used for
      > archery. I think it would be great if it had period usage. But,
      > even if it does not. I think it should be introduced into our SCA
      > archery vocabulary. It could have been used in period by anyone that
      > read Plautus.
      > Jon
      > On Dec 5, 2007, at 6:08 PM, Eadric Anstapa wrote:
      >> E. Cobham Brewer 1810--1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.
      >> *Rem Acu.
      >> * You have hit the mark; you have hit the nail on the head. /Rem acu
      >> tetigisti/ (Plautus). A phrase in archery, meaning, You have hit the
      >> white, or the bull's-eye.
      >> "'/Rem acu/ once again,' said Sir Piercie."---/The Monastery,/
      >> chap. xvi
      >> Evidently the Latin /Rem acu tetigisti/ means most closely 'You have
      >> touched it exactly' or 'You have touched it sharply' or 'You have
      >> touched it with a needle' and used used the same way we might today
      >> use
      >> "You have hit the nail on the head".
      >> Evidently there was a time in English archery circles "Rem Acu" was
      >> the equivalent of a fencer crying "touché"
      >> -EA
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