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23876Re: FS: Medieval english arrows

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  • ronan
    Nov 29, 2007
      --My lord

      I'm interested in your arrows Where are you located ?


      - In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Cian of Storvik" <firespiter@...>
      > Excellent Christmas present for the archer in your life (even if
      > that is yourself!) I'm lengthening my draw and so I am giving up my
      > current set of target arrows to the first person that says they will
      > take them.
      > Details: Medieval English style arrows.
      > Quantity: 1 dozen + 2
      > Wood: Ash
      > Finish: Tongue oil/hand rubbed
      > Shape: Barreled (fat in middle, tapered toward the ends)
      > Spine: 40-45#
      > Nock Type: thread bound reinforced self nocks
      > Piles: 100 grain field points
      > Weight: 450 grain (3 black dots) 400 grain (no marks)
      > Draw Length: 28" (bottom of nock to base of point)
      > Fletching: 3 fletch white turkey feather (white hen and cock
      > feathers)
      > Notes:
      > The fletches are bound with irish linen thread in the English style.
      > As mentioned the arrows are not cedar but ash. Which is slightly
      > heavier, but more durable (I have struck solid objects without
      > breaking the shafts.) I have broken arrows by hitting them with
      > other arrows however. There are 2 extra arrows besides the dozen,
      > which have plastic nock ends added after they were de-nocked by
      > subsequent arrows striking them which are being thrown in.
      > The arrows LOOK like they have horn nocks, but they are simply drawn
      > on to give the appearance of a sliver of horn. Thees do NOT have
      > horn inserts.
      > Barreled shafts are not only period, but are superior
      > aerodynamically, and rarely offered by fletchers.
      > They shoot very well off of my 43# period english bow, but shoot
      > with a bit of right kick on my 50#. They are probably optimal on a
      > 45# period bow, but they should be fine on any period bow between 35-
      > 50# or on any center shot bow between 40 and 50#
      > I'd like to get $100+ Shipping for the dozen, but reasonable offers
      > will be accepted. I can take PAYPAL (credit included) and money
      > orders and of course cash.
      > These are now boxed and ready to ship. Email me if you have any
      > questions.
      > Almost forgot!! Pics!
      > http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2339/2074015911_dafbb4b000.jpg
      > http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2252/2074015935_faa8f8b794.jpg
      > Thank you!
      > -Cian of Storvik
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